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My Little Pony Party Inspiration

Check out my party and the cake that stemmed from all this inspiration.

My Little Pony Party Roundup

My daughter is turning 5! I am seriously freaking out because I am so not ready for her to be a Kindergartener and being so stinking big. Sometimes it feels like she was just born but then I go through pictures and just about die when I realize how little she used to be.

So I’m the crazy mom who made her pick what her theme was going to be in February. Yep 3 months out, I’m a meanie, she picked it and there was no changing it. I had talked to her about it and she originally said she wanted a Little Einstein’s party so I had gone crazy pinning those ideas and then when I talked to her about it the next day she said My Little Pony. Gr! So I told her that was her last chance. Lol.

We have been scouring Pinterest together for months picking up lots of inspiration. I really wish we had a huge house that I could go crazy with but we will have to settle for the park. I’m going to use some canopy’s so that I can do more decorating since the park doesn’t have pavilions. I have this grand plan in mind but we will see how it all really plays out.

I thought I would share a few of my favorites for now and you can always check out the My Little Pony Party board on Pinterest for more great ideas.

This backdrop is seriously incredible!

Kara’s Party Ideas

This is a little simpler but I love the pony posters!

I Never Grew Up

This mom was brilliant using her daughter’s toys as decor. This is much more in my budget, but that also means you need the toys in the first place. Shoot.

Balloons and Buttercream

I adore this invitation but couldn’t afford to pay for it. I made my own in Microsoft Publisher using this as inspiration. Definitely not as cute but it was free.

The Burch’s Designs

These giant ponies are so stinking cool. I think my kids would run around all day with them pretending to be the ponies.

 Catch My Party

Last year I did a ruffle cake for my daughter for her birthday and it was big hit. Ruffles just make everything prettier!

Cake Central

I love how elegant this one is!

Catch My Party

And of course awesome colorful treats top off any party. I love all these rainbow ideas since we are doing a rainbow theme.

Lil’ Luna

Those rainbow popsicles!

Made To Be A Momma

I love these super cute My Little Pony Games

 Chocolate on Toast

Here are some more seriously awesome ideas for games

I Don’t Blog

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  1. Thanks for all you share. I really enjoyed this last edition. I’m actually planning my daughter’s 4th birthday party which is also themed “My Little Pony”. I love the idea of the fans on the wall. Would you mind sharing how you hung them up for the party? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    1. This was not my idea just one that I had found when searching for ideas for my daughters party. My guess would be lots and lots of tape to get them to stick to the wall and layer them. Sorry that I don’t have a better idea for you.

  2. Oh wow! How lucky is she that she will get a my little pony party. These ideas are really nice. Thanks for the roundup. Added you on pinterest because I love your ideas!

    1. I hope you’ll check back next week to see the big reveal. It was a lot of fun and my kids are still using a lot of the things that I used as decor. Kid parties are just so much fun!

    1. Ha ha. I was a total tomboy growing up and never played with any of those things, except My Little Pony. So how I ended up with a super girly girl I just don’t know. Lol.

  3. Thanks for all you share, Jade. I enjoy your site and follow it frequently. Happy Birthday to my granddaughter/your daughter! I’m sure the party and all will be a great success! love, G’ma Mc

  4. Hi! I love your my littlepony round up! I can’t wait to see the actual party you make, Im sure it will be awesome. You are going to post it, right? 🙂 I followed you on all your social media, so glad I found your blog!

    1. I absolutely will be posting it, if I make it to there! Lol. The chaos of party planning is always more worth it after the fact and reflecting on how it went.

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