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Chinese Lunar New Year Virtual Field Trip For Kids

Come and take a virtual tour of Chinese New Year for kids! Learn about the history and symbolism on this virtual field trip and be inspired with ways your family can celebrate the Lunar New Year– perfect for global education at home or for a homeschooling unit.

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Note for parents: Before you share with your children, listen to the podcast episode Celebrating Chinese New Year and learn more yourself before embarking on an exploration as a family.

What is the Lunar New Year?

The Lunar New Year is celebrated in China as well as other Asian countries like Korea, Thailand, Tibet, and Vietnam. There are differences in how each country celebrates but they are all celebrating the same holiday!

Why calling it Lunar New Year matters: https://www.instagram.com/p/CK_wZKHnVD5/

Lunar New Year Traditions in Asia- https://youtu.be/wLrUiyx6OhY

Celebrations in China are a time to spend with family and wishing for the prosperity (success), health, wealth, good fortune, luck, happiness, and longevity (a long life) of them and yourself. It is also an opportunity for a fresh new start, just like in the United States.





Highlight of celebrations in China in 2020: https://youtu.be/sDHJhfkQHEI

Chinese New Year parade: https://youtu.be/1cRMRp9-Z08

Lion dance: https://youtu.be/Se2n0cmBefU


Chinese New Year symbolism: https://youtu.be/Vv_S4kDNekw

More about these symbols and other common decorations: https://www.chinahighlights.com/travelguide/festivals/new-year-decoration.htm


The foods video: https://youtu.be/wJ7V75stdvQ



Ways you can celebrate

  • Learn some simple Chinese phrases to wish people a happy new year!
    • Gōng xí fā cái- Happy New year (Mandarin)
      • Gung hay fat choy(Cantonese)
    • Nián nián yóu yǔ- Many years of surplus
    •  吉祥如意      jíxiáng rúyì    Good fortune according to your wishes
    • 大吉大利       Dàjí dàlì           Lots of luck and profit
    • Online Chinese Lessons with Jessica: https://jessicalew22.wixsite.com/tutoring

Lunar New Year Celebrations in Other Countries


Vietnamese traditions https://youtu.be/W4jRLf0__3E

Things not to do during Lunar New Year https://youtu.be/FutTaFTAfgE

DIY Lucky Money Envelope https://youtu.be/GjnoCA7Ukew

3D pop up card for Tet https://youtu.be/HZpFJez6CY8

Common Vietnamese New Year Wishes https://youtu.be/_kMy7DP7-Jc

Foods for Tet (first 7 minutes) https://youtu.be/_kMy7DP7-Jc

Tết Decorations & Street food in Hanoi’s Old Quarter https://youtu.be/cRJmiDK_asM


Korean traditions (first 3 minutes 56 seconds) https://youtu.be/AOnW8JQD1bM

Rice cake soup (Tteokguk: 떡국) https://youtu.be/plvT0vWBK14

(Better for older kids) DIY Tassel Lucky Charm https://youtu.be/aYYC2gWYnc4

Learn to write “Luck” in Korean https://youtu.be/WHVkiTsBn3g

Printable Lunar New Year envelope https://www.lorrainenam.com/downloads

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